Holoview + Apache Druid backend


I found below example on using Heavy.AI as database backend for Holoview plots.

I wanted to achieve the same using Apache Druid database. I don’t think there is Ibis database driver for Druid. There is an existing PyDruid library not sure if it integrates with Ibis interfaces. Another option could also be Ibis + SqlAchemy, if this is available?

I would really appreciate if someone could provide some guidance please? Thanks.

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Hi @ccbeloy

One easy way to use Apache Druid could be to use hvplot .bind and .interactive.

If you try it out and get stuck then try to post a new question including simple steps to get a druid server with data up and running and some example queries you would like to use. That would make it relatively easy for the community to try to put an example together.

Hi @Marc

I’m looking for more elegant solution like what holoviews + Ibis offers where initial load of data and further transformations like filters/aggregation (and whatnot), all automatically converted to backend database queries.

The .bind and interactive I think would definitely work since you can always fallback to manually querying the database, but I think is more difficult and more coding involve and really requires knowledge in the transformation pipeline of holoview just like having a link selection across different plots like link_selection on both datashade points map and histogram.

Also, I’m not able to find any reference implementation using this approach, perhaps if someone could share a sample implementation please?

Hope this clarifies what I’m trying to achieve . Thanks.

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@ccbeloy . You can find the Ibis implementation here.

Its probably the best reference