Holoview Path messy and jumpy with multiple lines

When I plot my data I want to group by a measnurand and color all data by ID.

In theory this works but I get some really bad artefacts and I do not know why. With Streamlit I do not get the artefacts but the HV toolbar is nice. In the end I use Panel for display.
When I plot only one ID everything is fine.

The code is like this

path_plots = []

for measurand, group_df in filtered_df.groupby('measurand'):
    dataset = hv.Dataset(group_df, kdims=['x_frequency', 'y_signal'], vdims=['ID'])
    path_plot = hv.Path(dataset, label=f"'measurand': {measurand}").opts(width=900, height=600, alpha=0.5, color= 'ID')

# Create a Layout with a single column
layout = hv.Layout(path_plots)

# Define a Panel app
def create_plot():
    return path_plot

Can you try to sort the group_df by the x_frequency?

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I did something similar with hv.Points which I can share here. I wanted to color code by label.

geopoints = (
        kdims=["x", "y"],
        vdims=[ "label", "id"],

Now, I’m trying to do that for Path. If I get any luck with it, I’ll share that as well.

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this looks much better, thanks bro

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