HoloViews 1.14.2

We are very pleased to announce HoloViews 1.14.2!

This release adds support for Bokeh 2.3, introduces a number of minor enhancements, miscellaneous documentation improvements and a good number of bug fixes. For a full overview of the changes in this release view the release notes.

Many thanks to the many contributors to this release, whether directly by submitting PRs or by reporting issues and making suggestions. Specifically, we would like to thank @philippjfr for the Bokeh 2.3 compatibility updates, @kcpevey, @timgates42, and @scottstanie for documentation improvements as well as @Hoxbro and @LunarLanding for various bug fixes. In addition, thanks to the maintainers @jbednar, @jlstevens and @philippjfr for contributing to this release.

If you are using Anaconda, you can get the latest HoloViews with conda install -c pyviz holoviews, and using pip you can install it with pip install holoviews. A conda-forge package will also be made available shortly.