Holoviews color map animation - Speedup by 1000x times

I asked this before (see issue Choropleth with polygons slow - Discourse discussion based issue · Issue #4453 · holoviz/holoviews · GitHub) but I now I have a sample notebook for you to experiment with. I would love to hear why the typical way of doing this with Holoviews is so much slower than the hacky way.
I am including a zip of the data and notebook. You will need geopandas, geoviews in addition to holoviews to run the notebook.
notebooks.zip - Google Drive

Ok, now for the basic animation. It displays paths on a map, each colored by the value for the path. The values for all paths change over time and so the color changes for the paths.
This one is so slow that it takes over 40 seconds to render for each change of the slider
Sloooow Animation
This is fast enough (<0.5s) for each change in slider and probably faster
Fast Animation

I hope there is a better way that someone can point out for the first method for doing the color animation.

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