Holoviews per backend supported opts

Hi everyone, I have a more general question, on basically how to help myself navigate Holoviews, and solve my own problems. How do I determine which options are supported per element, for the respective backends? In particular I am looking for what arguments can I provide .opts, for a given holoviews element, and a given backend.

I often jump between backends for various plots, and therefore I need to adjust the elements respective opts accordingly. Examples on stackoverflow, and various notebooks, tend to focus on bokeh, without the equivalent matplotlib options. In addition the examples on the main website, indicate that I should use help(<element>) for style documentation, but these contain only general information on the object and its inheritance. If there is a general way to determine these options, that would save a lot of time, instead of asking about specific options on stack overflow, discourse, etc.

Solved my own problem. To get help on the specific options available to the particular element, given a specific backend I do the following: (1) change the backend (2) type help(opts.<element>) . I do not know if this is the correct way, but it provided me with the tools to explore my other problems further.

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