Holoviz Panel demo snippets in GitHub

I’ve been working on an app that has a Holoviz Panel GUI and I’ve come up with some simple example snippets as a byproduct of debugging and testing ideas for the app. I’ll continue to upload snippets to the repository also in the future if I work with Panel. I hope these will be helpful to beginners, I surely did benefit from code snippets on this forum when I started out. Thank you all who had the patience and skills to answer my questions and provide exmaples!


Hi @jvkloc

Thanks for sharing. One day Panel should have an awesome cheat sheet. I think your resource would be a nice thing to find inspiration for what to include.

@Marc I’ll get into the GitHub issue someday when I have the time for it, thanks for the suggestion.


I created a repo with a version of the project I was working on. GitHub - jvkloc/data_assimilation_and_query_tool: A data-assimilation and query tool: from Excel to PostgreSQL with Python.

It can be launched for viewing the Panel GUI. But it can’t actually be used without another program outputting specific Excel files. Maybe someone with no life will reverse-engineer an Excel file from the source code and write a program which generates similar files with dummy data. Who knows… : )

I will refactor the code a bit some day. Hopefully. So the world does not think of me as a lazy and messy programmer : ) But I got an offer from a company headquartering just the next street from my home and so I left just before the finishing touches on this. No Panel at the new place, though. They (we) use Django.