Horizontal scroll in Holoviews

I have made an interactive visualization using Holoviews and would like to have a horizontal scroll on the bottom of the plot. I currently use a slider that can control the number of columns in the plot, but I prefer to have a horizontal scroll bar as well. you can find my codes and more details through the link below:
How to make a horizontal scroll in an interactive plot

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You can try changing the last line to something like pn.Column(widgets, pn.Column(fig, scroll=True, width=500)). C.f. Column — Panel 0.11.3 documentation (holoviz.org)

Let us know if it works. Thanks.

ps. I tried working with the code supplied. But unfortunately the data was not included. So could not try out the solution.

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Thanks @Marc ,
Apologize for my late reply,
I attached a sample of the dataframe in smaller size here:
test.csv (3.8 KB)

Your hint was helpful and I also posted the answer to my question on StackOverflow as well.
Also as another question, when I want to add a new column on the hovertool, it shows “???”. In the dataframe, the industry column takes a four-digit industry code, and the title column has the title of industry. however, I want to have the industry code on the X-axis, but the corresponded title on the hovertool.

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Hi @Sajad123

Glad it helped.

Could you post your new question with code, data and a screen shot? Preferably in a new post. That would make it much easier to understand the question and help out.