Hover on VectorField

I am trying to get a tooltip to show on hover for VectorField.

Observed behaviour: on hover, I see the tooltip, but the values are “???” for all four fields.

Expected behaviour: on hover, see the tooltip with values for all four fields.

Minimal example below.

import holoviews as hv
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
data = np.array(
       [[0.37697437, 0.43632294, 0.67937903, 0.35249247],
       [0.99101691, 0.58734501, 0.53511794, 0.94416576],
       [0.89292252, 0.66917258, 0.54495531, 0.49615189],
       [0.24166047, 0.47460555, 0.19201973, 0.83404607]])
data = pd.DataFrame(data,columns=['x','y','angle','mag'])
vector_field: hv.VectorField = hv.VectorField(data, kdims=['x','y'], vdims=['angle','mag']).opts(tools=['hover'])


Package versions (anaconda environment, Windows, Jupyter, VSCode)
holoviews 1.17.1
bokeh 3.2.2
panel 1.2.3
jupyter_bokeh 3.0.7
jupyterlab_widgets 3.0.9

Hover is working for hv.Point and hv.Polygons, so I don’t think it is has anything to do with VSCode. What am I doing wrong?

The workaround for this was to create an hv.Points element that corresponds to the hv.VectorField element. Since hover works on hv.Points, that solves the problem.