How arrange pyviz panel widgets in a gridspec without any borders?

I would like to arrange pyviz panel widgets with the help of a gridspec. Expected result is a screen without any borders. In the example the green areas match nicely, however there is a (white) border around the blue widget ? How can I remove it ? I have tried to use css as shown in the code, but without sucesss.
import panel as pn css = ''' .widget-box { background: blue; border-radius: 0px; border: 0px none solid; } ''' pn.extension(raw_css=[css]) gspec = pn.GridSpec(width=200, height=200) gspec[0, 0:2] = pn.pane.Markdown("Grid1", background='green' , margin=0) gspec[1, 0:1] = pn.pane.Markdown("Grid2", background='green' , margin=0) gspec[1, 1] = pn.widgets.FloatSlider(name='Widget', margin=0, css_classes=['widget-box']) gspec

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