How can I display a subset of parameters of a Parameterized Class using pn.Param?

I how now several times experienced that I have a param.Parametrized class with multiple parameters but I only want to display a subset of the parameters.

I don’t know how to do this efficiently. I would really like to be able to use one pn.Param and specify the subset of the parameters to include and which widgets and settings to use.

How can I do this?

"""This code is used to understand how I can show 2 out of 3 parameters in a parametrized class
with custom widgets or settings.

I would really like to make view3 more efficient, i.e. only have one `pn.Param` statement as in
view2. The reason being the I have sometimes experienced that the layout is better with one
instead of multiple `pn.Param`. See
[discourse]( And for example
here there is extra space between show_me2 and show_me3 in view3.
import panel as pn
import param

class Example(param.Parameterized):
    show_me1 = param.Boolean()
    show_me2 = param.String("Show me 2")
    show_me3 = param.String("Show me 3")

example = Example()

view1 = pn.Column(example.param)
view2 = pn.Param(example.param, widgets={"show_me2": {"width": 200,}, "show_me3": {"width": 300},},)
view3 = pn.Column(
    pn.Param(example.param.show_me2, widgets={"show_me2": {"width": 200,},}),
    pn.Param(example.param.show_me3, widgets={"show_me3": {"width": 300,},}),

app = pn.Column(
            "# 1 - All Parameters",
            "# 2 - All Parameters - custom Widgets",
            "# 3 - Selected Parameters - custom widgets",

parameters keyword does not fit your need?

view3 = pn.Param(example, parameters=["show_me2", "show_me3"], 
                 widgets={"show_me2": {"width": 200,},
                          "show_me3": {"width": 300,}})

Thanks @xavArtley. Your code fits my need. Just did not know I could do that. I tried to read the docstring and code but could not see it was possible. Thanks.