How can I hide x,y on hover


I want x,y not to be seen in hover.

What I did:

geo = filtered_subrange.hvplot('x', 'y', color='red', kind='points',  hover_cols=['Date', 'Mag','Derinlik' ],width=1000,height=int(1000/ratio),size=42, xlim=(2560347 , 5283335),ylim=( 4074425,  5296916  ), tiles=self.Altlık_Harita ).opts(tools=['hover'])

But x.y are still be displayed. How can I hide them in hover tooltips?


Can you share a minimal, reproducible example (MRE)? A complete script that can be copied/pasted and immediately run, as-is, with no modifications. This is much more useful than snippets.

Just how to hide x.y in hover-tooltips.
thank you

I will love to help you. But you need to give me a complete script that I can run and not just a single line.

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In the absence of a specific example, we can only guess.
Here is a bit of code that shows how to set up a custom hover output

from bokeh.models import HoverTool
# Syntax: $. are 'special fields':  $x inserts the x-coordinate
#         @. are fields from the color data source:
#            provide an extra column of values and declare it's name as a vdim (or sue a pd.DataFrame)

data  = pd.DataFrame( { 'x': [1.1, 3.2, 5.8 ], 'state': ['NY', 'NJ', 'PA'], 'stuff': ['a','b','c']} )
hover = HoverTool(tooltips=[("error", "$x"),
                            ("state", "@state"),
                            ("stuff", "@stuff")
hv.Scatter( data, kdims='x', vdims=['state', 'stuff']).opts(tools=[hover], size=10).redim.range(x=(0,7))

for more information, search for bokeh HoverTool