How do I access the admin panel?

According to the documentation in the link below, i just need to add the --admin handle

but i’m getting:

usage: panel [-h] [-v] {copy_examples,examples,build,info,init,json,sampledata,secret,serve,static,oauth-secret} …
panel: error: unrecognized arguments: --admin

same about Profiler (in the same documentation link)

This is because the site you’re looking at is the dev website (see the domain name, the normal site being, its content is updated at every dev release of Panel (any alpha. beta, release candidate version). This site really shouldn’t surface so publicly though, users will be confused with a documentation that is not in sync with the code they’ve installed (which is probably your case). It’s a useful site for the contributors to Panel however, since it allows to check regularly and automatically that the documentation is built correctly.

Your options for now are either to install a dev release of Panel (with conda install -c pyviz/label/dev panel or pip install --pre panel) or to wait for the next normal release that should happen in the next weeks :slight_smile:

ah cool, good to know :slight_smile:
wanna update on kind of a bug that i noticed in the dev release
when i use the --admin handle on my app, and upload a csv/excel, the log-level is probably automatically set to debug, and it starts printing my csv in the terminal, which takes a long while. adding the --log-level handle and setting it to info, doesnt change the printing of the csv. any suggestion how can i prevent prinitng the content of the csv to the terminal?