How do I make a Tabulator read-only?

I have tried to create a read-only panel.widgets.Tabulator() using 4 different kwargs in the constructor:

  • constant=True
  • editable=False
  • editors={'str': None}
  • configuration={'editable': False}

In every case, the cells in the table can still be edited.

Is there a way to prevent cells in a Tabulator from being edited?

Hi @grelston

Could you try disabled?

It should work according to Tabulator — Panel 0.12.6 documentation (


Thanks @Marc,

I knew it would be something simple. I’ve been searching through that page (and several posts on here too) all day and I still missed it!

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Happy we found out. Go make some awesome tables!

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I’m working on it! The Tabulator is truly awesome!

Making the cells read-only is a solution to a UI problem I have noticed. I’ll put it in another topic…

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