How do i make parameter readonly for user input but writeable in code?

I have a parametrized class and some of the parameters should never be changed by a user. They should be shown only. But the code should be able to update them.

How do I enable that?


If the user clicks the below button the TypeError: Constant parameter 'mean_365d_30d_rolling' cannot be modified error is shown. How do I avoid that and allow the code to change the value?


import panel as pn
import param

def update(features):
    features.mean_365d_30d_rolling += 1

class SpreadFeatures(param.Parameterized):
    mean_365d_30d_rolling = param.Number(1.0, constant=True)
    std_365_30d_rolling = param.Number(1.0)
    action = param.Action(update)

features = SpreadFeatures()

I’d certainly like to make this easier somehow but currently you can do this:

def update(features):
    with param.edit_constant(features):
        features.mean_365d_30d_rolling += 1

It works. Thanks.

And I think the api for it is OK. Would not spend time on changing it. But maybe it should be documented somewhere?

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I also got stumped by this. Would it not be nice with a setting for having a parameter writable from code but displayed as read only? Because this method gives a flickering effect as well.

I realize that my usecase is a little odd perhaps, but I want to display i.e. current position of a motor and have a field for setting target position beside it. In that case it would have been nice with something like pn.widgets.FloatDisplay or something. Have I missed something?