How do I make the borders of Select and DatePicker to white for FastListTemplate?


I am using Dark theme FastListTemplate with sidebar, I have dropdown menu(Select) and date picker(DatePicker) in the sidebar as shown in the image as attachment.

My issue is I am unable to make the borders of the dropdown menu(Select) and date picker (DatePicker) change from black (default) to white to make them visible in dark mode.

I am declaring the theme in the following way:

template = pn.template.FastListTemplate(
    title='Panel Prototype With Mock Data',

Could anyone suggest me a way, solution or point me in the right direction for my issue?

Things I tried:

dropdown = pn.widgets.Select(name='Site_ID', options=['','khnb-tri', 'gknmh_13', 'gknmh_7', 'ash-mad_4'], value='', style={'border': '1px solid white'})

style={‘border’: ‘1px solid white’} doesnot seem to work

start_date_picker = pn.widgets.DatePicker(name='Start Date', style={'border': '1px solid white'})

style does not seem to work for the DatePicker as well

start_date_picker = pn.widgets.DatePicker(name='Start Date')
start_date_picker = pn.pane.Str(start_date_picker, style={'border': '1px solid white'})

using pn.pane.Str doenot seem to work


There may be an easier way to do it, but you could just copy the Fast List template from the GitHub repo and just make a custom one.

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