How do I serve a folder of static assets like Sphinx documentation at /docs/ with panel.serve

I’m serving a gallery of panel apps with panel.serve.

I also have some documentation generated as static docs via Sphinx.

How do I serve that documentation as a part of my app?

I would like to serve it at /docs/.

I’m currently serving it on a separate server. I could probably also serve it as a storage resource on Azure. Then I would need to set up some kind of reverse proxying. But for various reasons I would like to avoid all of that.

How can I serve a folder of static sphinx documentation as a part of my Panel Application(s) with panel.serve?

I’ll try to tackle serving of static files pretty soon I hope, for now you could technically add your own handler by supplying extra_patterns to pn.serve. There’s a similar example here for bokeh:

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Does this work now? I saw in release 0.11.0 support for serving static content, but its unclear to me how to achieve this.

It works.

Check out the section Static File Hosting

Ah yes so it does. I missed the “/assets” as part of the route. Thanks!

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