How do I share a Panel app on colab via ngrok?


I’m trying to create a “Panel Getting Started” notebook for colab. If I can I would like to include instructions on sharing the app via ngrok. If I google I find several example using Streamlit or Dash. For example this one Quickly share ML WebApps from Google Colab using ngrok for Free | by AbdulMajedRaja RS | Towards Data Science.

But I cannot get it working. No error messages. It just does not work.

My notebook is here Google Colab

UPDATE: maybe it actually works. I will need to test in a non-corporate and secured environment.

After enabling the token this indeed works for me without any issues so it must have been related to do with your corporate firewall. That said Chrome warns me that ngrok is “Dangerous” since it appears to have been used for phishing in the past.