How do you usually make your app look and feel more polished?

I’d like to hear everyones’ approaches!

Here are some of the things I find myself doing:

  1. pn.extension(sizing_mode="stretch_width")
  2. hv_obj.opts(responsive=True)
  3. pn.template.FastListTemplate(main_max_width="max(800px, 50%)")
  4. pn.state.onload
  5. try: main.loading = True; finally: main.loading = False
  6. Increasing fontsize of widgets / text

Probably forgetting a few things; will add more once I remember, but also would love to hear everyone else’s thoughts!

Perhaps if there’s something that we all consistently do, it can be made into a new default?


Thanks for sharing. I did not think about the fontsize increase. Do you have a screenshot of the effect @ahuang11 ?

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