How to access the data in a panel DataFrame?

Hello – I am very new to Holoviz and Panel. I would like to create a dashboard that lets a user select the data file and then creates plots based on the data in the selected file. The code below creates the interactive object.

file_selection = pn.widgets.Select(options=file_choices)

def get_data_from_file(file):
return pd.read_csv(path+file, parse_dates=[‘timestamp’], index_col=‘timestamp’)

interactive_file = hvplot.bind(get_data_from_file, file_selection).interactive()


Now I want to do data manipulation on the data that is stored in the interactive_file object.


returns a panel.pane.markup.DataFrame object.

I understand that this is not the same as a pandas DataFrame…but can I access the data stored in this object and use it like a pandas DataFrame?

Can someone point me to example code? Thank you.