How to add a map tile under an interactive spatiotemporal hvplot interactive animation?


I’m just testing this new great functionality:
@ Plotting (either matplotlib or bokeh)
time = pnw.Player(name=‘time’, start=0, end=10, loop_policy=‘loop’, interval=100)

So, is there a way to add a map tile under the animation ?
(as this example is showing the transient evolution of lat / lon dependant field, but without a geographic tile support).
I couldn’t find a way to do so by trying to add options in the hv object. Does the hvplot.xarray object has any limitation or specificities, compared to other hvplot objects (lines …) ?


I think you could set tiles='ESRI' in the hvplot() call like

airports.hvplot.points('Longitude', 'Latitude', geo=True, color='red', alpha=0.2,
                       xlim=(-180, -30), ylim=(0, 72), tiles='ESRI')

Thank you for your answer, Andrew.

I tried tiles=‘tile’, but forgot to declare geo=True.

Thanks a lot !