How to add tooltips to Panel widgets?

There does not appear to be any explicit options for adding a tooltip to Panel’s widgets.

Is there an indirect way to accomplish this? I guess I just need to set the title attribute of an appropriate tag in the HTML, but I don’t know how to do that using this API.

Hi @analog-cbarber,

To which widget type exactly would you like to add a tooltip?

EDIT: I just saw that you’ve upvoted this issue. You could add there a more detailed request and see how things elvove :slight_smile:

Well, ANY widget could possibly use a tooltip, but buttons and selectors would be a good start.

This really is a pretty standard usability feature offered by all mature GUI systems. It really shouldn’t require that much of any explanation as to why it might be useful. In any case, that issue is already a year old and there is no sign of any interest in working on it, thus my question here.

I agree with you! This is obviously a missing feature. Yet, I would again suggest you to mention your request in that issue. I think this is how the team maintaining panel (only a few people I believe) prioritizes new developments, besides other developments they get funding for.

Note that most widgets come from bokeh not panel itself and this would have to be implemented there.

Once again, I am not asking for this feature to be implemented, because I know that is not going to happen within any useful time frame.

I want to know if someone can tell me how to accomplish this using the current panel (and bokeh)
api. I would be surprised if there is not some way to do this, although it might not be easy.