How to analyze usage and resource consumption for Panel Dashboards?

My team and I would love to be able to monitor the usages (mainly visits) and resource consumption (primarily memory) on a per dashboard level for all of our Panel Dashboards. Our vision is to have some application that could collect this information from the log files and display the results in another Panel dashboard as a sort of metrics dashboard.

As it stands, we are currently making use of –log-level trace but we have experimented with each of the available log levels. After manually inspecting the log information it seems as though we could gather the number of visitors per dashboard using the following section of the server log

2020-06-26 11:57:45,143 [pid 24525] 4 clients connected
2020-06-26 11:57:45,143 [pid 24525] /TTF has 1 sessions with 0 unused
2020-06-26 11:57:45,143 [pid 24525] /hello_world has 3 sessions with 0 unused

Ideally, we would like a way to see a more detailed output so we could determine the number of unique users per day, week, etc. However, this information is a good starting point.

Where we are struggling is finding a way to monitor the resource consumption per dashboard on a time-based interval. We are making use of the --mem-log-frequency, but the only information that this seems to provide is the total memory consumption of all the Panel dashboards. Example:

2020-06-26 11:57:40,142 [pid 24525] Memory usage: 277.00 MB (RSS), 561.00 MB (VMS)

I’m curious if anyone else in the community has set up a monitoring system for their Panel application. If so, how does your output look? How was it achieved?



I have not had time to look into this yet. But i am very interested and would eventually need this.

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