How to change background_fill_color / border_fill_color?

I’ve been trying to change plot themes in Material template. With DarkTheme this is possible as it somehow changes the original Bokeh properies (see in topic name).

Of course, I would like to use different colors. I tried to change CSS properties for all classes that I could find to no prevail.

Anybody has any idea how this can be done?

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The key to HoloViews themes is understanding bokeh themes

Template like the MaterialTemplate provide a custom bokeh theme. You will need to override/ update that theme or provide a custom theme for the HoloViews pane.



Fun fact. I was actually considering messaging you before opening the topic. Same result… :slight_smile:

I think I will have to switch to Holoviews heatmap from HvPlot heatmap as things seem to be more straightforward without digging too deep.

I just need to convert my data to be in line with Holoviews. Do you know a simple solution by any chance?

And thanks for the help!