How to cite hvplot?

Hi. Is there a recommended way to cite hvplot in scientific publications?

Just created a DOI for it using Zenodo:

GitHub / Releases
v0.5.2 holoviz/hvplot: Version 0.5.2
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3634720

Let me know if that’s sufficient or if you need something more.

It’ll probably take a little while for that DOI to be registered properly.

And you can visit for a suggested citation format for this release. It even includes your name as an author, the way they’ve arranged it! :slight_smile: (But including all those author names would make for quite a lengthy bibliography, so in practice I’d shorten that list.)

I’ve given Zenodo access to all of our projects that seem citeable, but for newly added ones (Datashader, Colorcet, etc.) they will only get a new DOI/citation entry when we make our next release of that project. You can search for the project name at to see if there’s something citeable for a particular project when it comes up.

Thank you, that’s perfect.