How to concatenate/collate multiple Panel pages into a single scrollable page?

After browsing through Awesome-Panel, reading the Panel docs, and the Holoviz Discourse, I noticed there is no established out of the box method I am aware to make a scrollable Single Page App.

What I mean by this is imagine defining sections within your Panel app, so that when you scroll to a certain section, the Header and Sidebar update for that particular section. That way, instead of having to switch pages via a button you can simply scroll back and forth.

The solution I have thought of so far without having to edit the Templating heavily is to instead get rid of the Header and Sidebar of your app and instead put everything on main, overriding the page’s CSS properties to allow any section “headers” to stick to the top as you scroll down. However this does not seem as elegant and would appear much more verbose than simply using Panel’s templating.

Does anyone have any suggestions?