How to create a custom color palette in Panel?

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I am working on a project that uses Panel for data visualization, and I’m itching to create a custom color palette. Panel’s default schemes are great, but I need something that aligns perfectly with our branding and keeps things visually clear across all the plots and widgets.

From what I have gathered, building a custom color palette means defining a set of colors that will consistently show up throughout the dashboard. The challenge is figuring out the exact steps and best practices to make this happen within Panel.

Any chance someone could walk me through creating and using a custom color palette in Panel? Here’s what I’m particularly interested in:

  • How do I pick and specify them?
  • How do I make sure these colors get applied uniformly across all the different components in my dashboard?
  • Can I integrate these custom colors with existing themes or styles I might be using?

Bonus points if anyone has examples or resources showing how to implement custom color palettes in Panel. Seeing things in action would be a huge help!
I also check this : But I have not found any solution.

Thanks a bunch for any help or insights you can offer.

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@ahuang11 TastyMap GitHub - ahuang11/tastymap: 🎨 colormaps cooked for your palate or you can look at some of my questions :slight_smile:

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See Customize Template Theme — Panel v1.4.4 ( for applying colors to a template.

Check out TastyMap or the Panel UI TastyKitchen - a Hugging Face Space by ahuang11 for creating colormaps/palettes.

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Actually the first link is only for bokeh plots; see these params in FastListTemplate.