How to deploy a Panel visualization dashboard to GitHub pages

@Marc and I wrote a blog post on how to deploy a Panel visualization dashboard to GitHub pages. Many thanks to @philippjfr. With the new 0.14 Panel release, we can use panel convert to convert a Panel app to WebAssembly (via Pyodide and PyScript) and host anywhere we like.


Hi Sophia ,
can you explain how this would be different from panel save to .html ?
I don’t have many dashboards with triggers to give user options . mainly static but I’m assuming that .html would only be good for viewing the curves and underlying numbers whereas this method would allow for dynamic pages ?

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Hi @zartarr88

  • save to .html saves to a static file. There is limited interactivity as you don’t have python running
  • panel convert saves to an interactive file. There is full interactivity as you have python (via Pyodide) running in the browser.
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You can find a Gallery of webassembly Panel apps at