How to deploy panel app on windows IIS server?

Hi, I’m not sure that can I deploy a panel script, which is created by python, on the windows IIS server? How to do that?

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If in any way you can get away with deploying the Panel server directly instead of using windows IIS server I would recommend you to do this.

If that cannot be avoided try to team up with someone knowledge in your organisation about deploying with windows IIS server.

You might also find useful information by combining some of the terms Bokeh, Tornado and Windows IIS server. For example this one Using IIS to serve Bokeh - Community Support - Bokeh Discourse

By the way, why do you want to deploy with windows IIS server?

Thank you for your response and advice. I have already tried using Flask to serve the Panel app on Windows IIS server, but it did not work. That’s why I posted the question to confirm if it’s possible to deploy the app on the IIS server. The reason why I need to use the IIS server is that it provides a way to embed the dashboard into a .NET server, which is necessary for my organization. I appreciate your suggestion to look into the combination of Bokeh, Tornado, and Windows IIS server. I will explore this option further. Thank you again for your help!

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