How to find a widget that user clicked in PANEL PYTHON?

Hello everyone,
I have an empty dictionary, options = {} , and I am appending various widgets like Select, TextInput etc. in the dictionary and then showing the same in the UI.
I want to find the name of the widget that the user is clicking. How do I do that ?

Untested but something along the lines of.

import panel as pn


def callback(event):

text_in = pn.widgets.TextInput(), "value")

Hey @ahuang11 for your reply,
but my issue is that I have hundreds of ‘TextInput’ widgets present in my application and I want to check which widget the user is editing without having to set ‘.watch’ for all of them('TextInput widgets).
Is there a way I can listen to my mouse/cursor and register the widget clicked by the user ?
Thank You

Perhaps you can put all the text input widgets in a list and then loop through?

Yes, I followed the same and it worked. Thank You. :blush: