How to format float values in a line plot hover

How to format float and other values in a line plot hover?
For example, in,
if you hover over the lines the year is shown in scientific notation. I would like to see an example of how these values can be formatted.

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One way to customize the hover display is to use bokeh’s hovertool:

from bokeh.models import HoverTool
# Syntax: $. are 'special fields':  $x inserts the x-coordinate
#         @. are fields from the color data source:
#            provide an extra column of values and declare it's name as a vdim (or sue a pd.DataFrame)

data  = pd.DataFrame( { 'x': [1.1, 3.2, 5.8 ], 'state': ['NY', 'NJ', 'PA'], 'stuff': ['a','b','c']} )
hover = HoverTool(tooltips=[("error", "$x"),
                            ("state", "@state"),
                            ("stuff", "@stuff")
hv.Scatter( data, kdims='x', vdims=['state', 'stuff']).opts(plot=dict(tools=[hover]), style=dict(size=10)).redim.range(x=(0,7))

Just realized the opts syntax is a bit out of date…

I am also interested by this question. How would you format the hoovertool object for the example shared by @agstreet ? (

If you want the year to be at the format YYYY (a four digit integer)? or at the float format (YYYY.yy)?

you can use formatters with the Hovertool.
the sectiion entitled Formatting Tooltip Fields

also see

df  = pd.DataFrame( { 'x':         [1.1, 3.2, 5.8 ],
                      'state':     ['NY', 'NJ', 'PA'],
                      'stuff':     ['a','b','c'],
                      'timestamp' :[1530479286336096,1530479286362156,1530479286472230]
                    } )
df['date'] = pd.to_datetime(df['timestamp'], unit='us')
hover = HoverTool(tooltips=[("x",     "@x"),
                            ("X",     "$x{0.0000}"),
                            ("stuff", "@stuff"),
                            ("Date",  "@date{%Y/%m/%d}")
                  formatters = {
                            '@date': 'datetime'                         
hv.Scatter( df, kdims='x', vdims=['state', 'stuff', 'date']).opts( tools=[hover], size=10).redim.range(x=(0,7))
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Thank you ! I am going to look into this!

I second that. Thanks! I was able to connect the dots enough based on this post to get this approach working and format my hover values. The downside was that I ended up reimplementing my figure without the hvPlot layer. I still need to figure out how to reconnect it to hvPlot. But I am super grateful for this progress!

Here was my code in hvPlot…

import hvplot.pandas # noqa

tp_df.hvplot.step(x=‘final_settle_date_time’, y=‘p_cash_account’, xlabel=‘Final Settle Date’,
ylabel=‘Cash Balance’, hover=True, hover_cols=‘all’)

…and here is my code without hvPlot (attached).

The new code works great but is more complex and lacks the value provided by hvPlot.