How to get a DateRangePicker Widget in a Parameterized Class?

How can I get the DateRangePicker Widget in this Parameterized Class?

import panel as pn
import param
import datetime as dt

class A(param.Parameterized):
    # I would like the DateRangePicker
    dateRange = param.CalendarDateRange((( - dt.timedelta(days=10)).date(),
    # I am getting the DatePicker as desired below
    date = param.CalendarDate(
a = A()
app = pn.Column(a.param)

Looking through the code and documentation a bit revealed the solution.

Making this substitution:

app = pn.Param(a.param, widgets={'dateRange': pn.widgets.DatetimeRangePicker})

remaps dateRange to a more desired widget. There is no DateRangePicker in Panel as far as I know, but DatetimeRangePicker is much better for me.