How to label every tick in x axis?

Using python 3.7.3 and hvplot 0.7.0, this code:

pd.DataFrame({'x': np.random.randn(30)}, index=pd.date_range(start='2021-01-01', periods=30, freq='1D')).hvplot()

creates this image in jupyter:

Is there a way to force it to show every date in the x-axis?

Two ways which work. There might be prettier ways, but these will do the trick:

1. Specify number of ticks

nb_days = 30
(pd.DataFrame(data={'x': np.random.randn(nb_days)}, 
              index=pd.date_range(start='2021-01-01', periods=nb_days, freq='1D'))

2. Specify ticks explicitly

nb_days = 30
index = pd.date_range(start='2021-01-01', periods=nb_days, freq='1D')
(pd.DataFrame(data={'x': np.random.randn(nb_days)}, 
 .opts(xticks=[(i,x.strftime('%Y-%m-%d')) for i,x in enumerate(index)],

Also, have a look at the docs: