How to: Operate Bokeh/Datashade/Holoviews

I’m having issues using Bokeh/Datashade/Holoviews.

I have to write a script to plot a curve with a loads of points, so that’s why I’m using Datashader and it works perfectly.

My code is this:

canvas = ds.Canvas(plot_width=1260, plot_height=650)
lineToPlot = canvas.line(df, 'x', 'y', ds.any())

What should I do, so I have Bokeh plotting the line and Holoviews making it interactive ?

I know I will surely have to use a Bokeh server so the plot will get actualized when I’m zooming, but nothing happens when I’m writing:

datashade(points).opts( width=1200, height=600 )

Welcome and thanks for your post. Before I can help you’ll need to provide a bit more detail. What environment are you running this in? Jupyter notebooks, a REPL, something else?

Thank you for your answer !
I’m using PyCharm.
I finally managed to do what I wanted using a hvplot !