How to place the widget over a hv plot

I would like to display the widgets (Select, Slider, etc.) over a HV dynamic plot. All I could find was widget_location= 'top_left' which takes the location relative to the plot (‘left’ , ‘right’, …). But I want it to be placed over the plot, not next to it.
I was wondering if there is a way for doing this?

P.S. for instance there is opts(colorbar_opts={'location':(float,float)}) which can be used to place the colorbar where you want. It would be very useful to have a similar option for widgets.

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Hi @monobakht

I have never seen that and I don’t think it’s possible from python directly. The solution I know of would be using css. I know how to apply this in combination with Panel.¨

import holoviews as hv
import panel as pn

plots = {}
for i in range(5,10):
    data = {
        "x": list(range(0,i)), "y": [i]*i
hvmap = hv.HoloMap(plots)

left_pos = pn.widgets.IntSlider(value=5, step=1, start=-1000, end=5, name="x")
top_pos = pn.widgets.IntSlider(value=5, step=1, start=5, end=200, name="y")
style = pn.pane.HTML(height=0, width=0, sizing_mode="fixed", margin=0)
css = pn.widgets.Ace(height=150)

@pn.depends(left_pos=left_pos, top_pos=top_pos, watch=True)
def _update_css(left_pos, top_pos):
    value = f"""
.bk.panel-widget-box {{
    left: {left_pos}px !important;
    top: {top_pos}px !important;
    css.value = value
    style.object = "<style>" + value + "</style>"

pn.Column("""# How to overlay widgets on HoloViews Map?

We will be using css to overlay and Panel to create the this tool""",
    "## Settings",

# Run using `panel serve`

That’s amazing! Many thanks Marc!
Just one note, and it is that when I tried to check it on Jupyter Notebook I had to add pn.extension('ace') before hv.extension("bokeh")


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