How to query Panel Pane Version for third-party extension panes?

I love the ability to mix and match different third-party widget and rendering tools in a single Panel application. Is there a way to query the version of a third-party widget (for example Tabulator) or a renderer (for example eCharts)?

Going forward, I can see the ability to confirm the version of these extensions as reducing the number of troubleshooting inquiries when the pn.extension() version does not match the latest capabilities of said tool.

Thanks for such a flexible platform!

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Hey @rcravotta !

That sounds like a feature request to me, and I’d say something we should document on Panel’s site. Could you open an issue on Github please?

Github feature request it is then. My personal experience with relying on documentation to determine versions of software leads me to suggest more of a function along the same lines as


and it would return a list of tuples [(‘tabulator’, x.y), (‘echarts’, w.z)] of currently installed extensions.