How to set hv.Layout with tabs=True width?

I have a panel, param, and hvplot based GUI visualization tool that interactively creates many plots and stores them in an hv.Layout, usually with tabs=True. However, when there are more than a couple plots, sometimes with lengthy titles, the Layout tabs will extend far past the plot width. Setting a width value on the Layout object, or wrapping it in a Panel Row or Column, does nothing to address the problem. At a certain size the Layout will add arrows to show the rest of the plots, but it doesn’t happen until its far beyond the width of the plot and looks quite bad.

I have code to reproduce the issue below. How do I set the width on a Layout? Thank you and appreciate the help!

import xarray as xr
import hvplot.xarray
import holoviews as hv
import panel as pn

air = xr.tutorial.open_dataset('air_temperature').isel(time=0)
plot_kinds = ['contourf', 'quadmesh', 'contour', 'image']
plots = []
for kind in plot_kinds:
    title = 'xarray dataset example air temperature @ 2013-1-1 ' + f'{kind}' + ' plot'
    plot = eval(f"air.hvplot.{kind}(title='{title}', width=500, height=400)")
layout = hv.Layout(plots).opts(tabs=True, width=500)
pn.Column(layout, width=500)