How to show panel widgets in jupyterlab?

I am having a problem to show panel widgets in jupyterlab with panel v1.3.6. I have a code worked before I upgrade Panel to v1.3.6. Here is an example code:

logfile = pn.widgets.FileInput(accept='.txt,.log', multiple=False)

It shows blank on Jupyterlab.
if I change it to :

logfile = pn.widgets.FileInput(accept='.txt,.log', multiple=False)

It open a new page and show it in panel dashboard.
Is there way show it in Jupyterlab inline?
I think the panel widgets documentation will also have similar issue with new rev of panel.
any idea?

It is likely some cache, can you try the following:

  1. Clean the notebook and save
  2. Close the tab down
  3. Hard refresh the browser.

Thanks for reply!

I tried reset kernel and clean all outputs, close tap and restart jupyterlab. no luck.
what do you mean “Hard refresh the browser”?

It end up with I have to remove whole env and create a new one with reinstall all packages.
ChartGPT says the jupyter_bokeh package conflicts with Jupyter lab. But in panel documentation display-output-in-notebooks, to use Panel’s ipywidgets support in JupyterLab, the jupyter_bokeh package should be installed.
Does this mean I cannot use Jupyter lab and VS Code with same python environment?