How to update pie chart

I’m currently working on a Panel view that brings in a Pandas Dataframe and displays it in a table along with a pie chart (using bokeh, or plotly) that is giving some additional metrics. On this view, we have a filtering function that will make a call back to the server to update the dataframe. While the table is able to respond to it, I’m having a hard time finding documentation (or examples) on how to get the pie chart to update as well.

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Hi @BrianJPugh

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The easiest way is probably to just make a new plot/ figure and replace the object on the pn.pane.Bokeh or pn.pane.Plotly pane. If performance is an issue there are other more performant ways depending on your choice of plotting framework and your use case.

If you need more specific help, try posting a minimum, reproducible example that people trying to help you can start from. It makes it much, much easier to help.