How to update the FastListTemplate based on the type of chart selected

I’m new to Panel and my use case is pretty basic, please excuse me for a very generic question.

Based on a Select widget value from FastListTemplate sidebar, I want to display the content in the template.main area. Also, on the landing page, I am already displaying an image and some text. So on_click or of the Select button should generate charts and replace the existing template.main.

I tried replacing it, however, once the template is rendered I don’t see it changing when I select a different value in the selector.

Please suggest or point me to any resources that can help me here, thanks in advance!

the template can not be rendered again, but you can wrap your content in a Column(or Row) and update the content inside the Column (or Row).

col = pn.Column(old_chart)

and to update it

col[0] = new_chart
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@nghenzi, brother it worked. <3