How to use date picker? Jupyterlab Notebook

Hi, I am revisiting Panel after a hiatus.

I am trying to use the date picker within a jupyterlab notebook:

import panel as pn

date_picker = pn.widgets.DatePicker()


However, the date_picker does nothing when I click on it.

But if I do:
pn.Row(date_picker.controls(jslink=True), date_picker)

Then it works, but it has all this cruft on the left that I don’t want.

I tried pn.Row(date_picker), but I get the same problem where it does nothing. I am totally confused on how to use date picker. The documentation doesn’t show me how to use the date picker without adding the “controls”.

I think the documentation could use some improvement in this regards.

EDIT: Strange, it works ok if running py script. Maybe my jupyterlab environment is not working properly or don’t have the proper extensions loaded?? But I added a color picker to my notebook and color picker works ok. Also noticed the “live” date picker in the documentation with the just the date_picker call doesn’t do anything also.

My environment:
python 3.11.4

Browser: Firefox version 117.0.1

I tried it too, and it’s not working for me either.