Hugging Face Transformers Agent Explained by a Panel 1.0 data app

I’ve created the transformers-agent-ui data app using Panel 1.0 (release candidate). I’ve used it to write a blog post about the newly released Hugging Face Transformers Agent.

Check it out 🤗 Hugging Face Transformers Agent Explained | by Marc Skov Madsen | May, 2023 | Medium


Panel 1.0 Improvements

Developing the app using Panel 1.0 has been such a great experience

  • I can create the layouts I want and they will perform. We are no longer slowed down by the Bokeh 2.x layout engine.
  • Custom styles and stylesheets. Its now very easy to customize the components if you know a little bit of css
  • Things just works as you would expect. Use a parameter or bound function as an argument to a Panel component.
  • A Bootstrap design. The app uses no template. Just a design. It also works in the notebook!

And there is so much more.


This is a very interesting blog post @Marc! :smiley_cat: Could you provide the correct link of transformers-agent-ui? It gives me a 404 error.

It is this one

Hi @Marc, I noticed that the visibility of the repo is set to “private”:

Senza titolo

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Thanks @ivandorte . I’ve made it public.