Hvplot and xarray: What determines the default axes layout?

I was wondering what determines the default axes layout for a raster plot, when I don’t set x and y manually?
I happen to have the “unwanted” default (of course :slight_smile: ) in my situation:

    def xarray(self):
        arr = xr.DataArray(self.data)
        arr = arr.rename({"dim_0": "spectral", "dim_1": "spatial", "dim_2": "samples"})
        arr = arr.assign_coords(
                "spectral": self.wavelengths,
                "spatial": np.arange(*self.line_range),
                "samples": np.arange(self.n_integrations) + 1,
        arr.spectral.attrs["units"] = "nm"
        arr.spectral.attrs["long_name"] = "Wavelength"
        arr.spatial.attrs["long_name"] = "Spatial lines"
        arr.attrs["n_bands"] = self.n_bands
        arr.attrs["integration_duration"] = self.integration_duration
        arr.name = self.product_id
        return arr

will use “spectral” as y and spatial as x when not setting it: