Hvplot error after updating panel to 1.3.4 version

I updated the panel package from 0.14.4 to 1.3.4 and after that everything stop working. I am not able to import the hvplot package, in consequence I can’t make the dataframe pipeline interactive or plot by using dataframe.hvplot.

I believe pip install -U bokeh should fix it.

I already tried but it doesn’t work, I uninstalled and reinstalled all packages, panel, bokeh and hvplot, but it only works in version 0.14.4

Try to create an environment, it looks like you are using the base environment, which can make it hard to update packages.

conda create -n holoviz python=3.11 holoviews panel hvplot jupyterlab
conda activate holoviz
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I did that and then upgrade the holoviews package, it worked