Import hvplot.pandas


not working? (W10, anaconda, jupyterlab : 3.1.18, py: 3.8.5 version)

import hvplot.pandas

ValueError: The depends decorator only accepts string types referencing a parameter or parameter instances, found bool type instead

Hi @isaco,

Is that all the code, it fails with just single line of import? Seems odd, not sure I have that exact versioning of jupytterlab & python installed but I have downloaded the latest hvplot and have no issues on import or use myself.

Can you run one of the examples from hvplot itself assuming here it’s not the import at issue?

import hvplot.pandas  # noqa
from bokeh.sampledata import iris
iris =


Should give you

Thanks, Carl.

Thank you for A, and it works only in jupyter notebook, not in jupyter-lab ?

So one line: import hvplot.pandas in lab is still ? (for error I have no more idea to solve)

your example works well in notebook !

Best regrds, Isaco

Hi Cris,

I repeat the job: uninsatll, install, reset PC, start your example in jupyter-lab and it works perfect, like in notebook ! So thank you again for your answer, I appreciate.

Best regards,Isaco