Inability to have time as an axis

I am playing around with hvplot for xarray data sets, and noticed that there are some errors when trying to use time as one of the plotting axis. Here is some example code:

import xarray as xr
import hvplot.xarray  # noqa

air_ds = xr.tutorial.open_dataset('air_temperature').load()
air = air_ds.air

air_ds.air.sel(time='2013-01-01T00:00:00', method='nearest').hvplot() # works
air_ds.air.sel(lon=200.0, method='nearest').plot() # works
air_ds.air.sel(lon=200.0, method='nearest').hvplot() # does not work

Here is the error:

I could recreate the problem. The fix to get it working is the following:
air_ds.air.sel(lon=200.0, method='nearest').hvplot(x="lat", y="time")

I think what you do should be possible, maybe file a github issue.

This also seems to work:

air_ds.air.sel(lon=200.0, method='nearest', drop=True).hvplot()

Think the remaining lon coord is confusing it.