Interaction with pyvista widgets

I am trying to use pyvista box widget to clip a mesh inside a vtk panel. When I open the scene in pyvista renderer I can drag sides of the clipping box and clip the mesh. The problem is that when I render the same plotter in vtk panel I can’t interact with the box.
I am quite new to Holoviz and Panel so I might be missing something obvious.
Thanks in advanced for you help,
Here is a sample code:

import pyvista as pv
from pyvista import examples
import panel as pn

mesh = examples.download_nefertiti()

p = pv.Plotter()
p.add_mesh_clip_box(mesh, color='white')

#pyvista render window - works fine[-1, -1, 0.2])

render_panel = pn.pane.VTK(p.ren_win, width=800, height=600, enable_keybindings=True, ìnteractive_widget=True)
pn.serve(render_panel, threaded=True)

Hi @tomasbym

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Maybe @xavArtley would know something about this?

Vtk c++/python and vtkjs widgets are not equivalent. So there is no support to it.

Thank you for your replies.
Is there any alternative way how to available similar behavior (clipping/slicing) in panel vtk render?