Interactive SVGs

The purpose of this showcase is to test the limits of the new ReactiveHTML component as well as inspire the community to take advantage of it.

The ReactiveHTML component is something that makes it easy for you or your rockstar frontend developer friend to make javascript components easy to use from Python.

One of the things I’ve been wanting is to make more advanced navigation possible and to make technical drawings come alive. This is now much easier with ReactiveHTML.

Like this

The full script and the svg is attached below as a zip file. In order to share it here I’ve renamed from .zip to .csv. You will have to rename the file back and extract it.

script.csv (17.3 KB)

You can serve the script via panel serve

You should be able to use the SVGInteractive class to make your own SVG come alive.

I’m thinking about contributing it to Panel in some way. Check out Would it make sense to contribute the interactive SVG component or example? · Issue #2725 · holoviz/panel (