Interactivity may be broken

I’m new to using panel, param, and holoviews. But I as read through the docs, I did notice that the results of bounded functions don’t change when the widget values change. The examples on Core Concepts — Panel v1.3.4 don’t work. When I run it locally. It doesn’t work either. Is there bug some where. Or I am miss something.

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Hi @Isaac1989

Welcome to the community.


Regarding the docs. The docs are not interactive. As an open source, community driven project we don’t have the resources to have servers running in the background to make the documentation interactive.

There used to be a very clear alert box that this was the case. This seems no longer to be there. I’ve reported it as an issue here #6066.

What you will find in many places is that you can make the documentation interactive if you are willing to download pyodide and python dependencies (+40Mb).

You can also open the documentation as a notebook in jupyterlite


Regarding using the code locally you will have to help us by providing a minimum, reproducible example. There can be so many causes why its not working for you.

Try reporting it as bug. There you will be helped to provide the information we need. You can report it here