IoT measurements data

I have been invited by @Marc to “show case” my articles on making applications to check my home sensors data.


I was frustrated with the lack of flexibility given by the Xiaomi application (why do you need to go over the internet when it’s local?) and the unreliable gateway. Mostly, I don’t understand why can’t most smart devices simply serve their application over HTML? Every thing is about Android/iOS apps!

Luckily I use Panel/holoviews everyday at work, so I “only” had to learn about Zigbee, MQTT, PostgreSQL and Node-Red to achieve something more flexible than Xiaomi’s app. I’m thinking of adding a Telegram bot to access data outside of home… Or I can just swap my Raspberry Pi SD card for the one holding Home Assistant :slight_smile: .

Feedback and improvements are of course very welcome (but I guess we’re all busy with our projects :stuck_out_tongue: ) on github /hyamanieu/examples_sensor_data_to_Panel_dashboard