Ipyleaflet disappears after panel update

Hi All,
I have a simple FastListTemplate and I fill the main part with tabs. One of the tabs is a ipywidget(ipyleaflet). The map is working nicely. However, as soon as I make any updates on the panels (add a tab for example), the map inside the initial tab disappears. I checked the js console in case it is a js error, but doesn’t seem to be one. Any idea what it could be?
panel 0.13.1
ipywidgets 7.7.1
ipywidgets_bokeh 1.2.1
Very simple code is down:

import panel as pn
import ipywidgets as ipw
from ipyleaflet import Map
from ipyleaflet import Marker

def handle_interaction(**kwargs):
    # print(kwargs.get('type'))
    if kwargs.get('type') == 'mouseup':
        # add simple tab
        run_button = pn.widgets.Button(name='Run', button_type='primary', width=50)
        tabs.append(('Results tab', run_button))

m = Map(center=(44, 34.5), zoom=6, height=400)

ACCENT_COLOR = pn.template.FastListTemplate.accent_base_color

tabs = pn.Tabs()

tabs.append(('Map', m))

template = pn.template.FastListTemplate(
    site="Map", title="Map",
    sidebar=[pn.pane.Markdown("## Settings")],